Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Change Control Procedures

The nature of the proposed change should be explained in writing, and formally approved by a responsible individual. Major changes should be approved by the systems-planning steering committee, commonly called the CCB or Configuration Control Board, in the same manner as for new systems. Minor changes may only require the joint approval of the IT manager and senior personnel in the user department.

Documenting the proposed change clears up any initial misunderstandings that may arise when only verbal requests are made. In addition, written proposals provide a history of changes in a particular system.

Developers should make the program changes, not the operations group. Any change should be supported by adequate systems documentation. If the operators were authorized to make minor changes, it would greatly increase the difficulty of controlling versions and of maintaining up-to-date documentation.

Someone independent of the person who designed and made the change should be responsible for testing the final revised program. The results should be recorded on program change registers and sent to the IT manager for approval. Operations should accept only properly approved changes.

Finally, the documentation system should be updated with all change sheets or change registers and printouts.

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