Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Point V: & VI : Improving Constantly and Forever the System of Production & Instituting on the Job Training

Improving every process concerning planning, production, and service provides better products for the consumer and higher profits for the business. The standards set forth under this point are the basis of the reengineering process, which is not merely an improved process as associated with Kaizen in Japan, but a completely new one altogether.

Kaizen literally translates to the English meaning of improvement. It incorporates continuous growth through small gains in improvement of current processes while reengineering focuses on eliminating processes that are no longer needed to increase improvements and are actually to some degree preventing it.

Deming urges that every level of the system be trained for its specific tasks. The laborer responsible for performing the manual tasks may misunderstand it, despite how it might seem easily to be understood by the requester in management.

When new employees are hired they should receive total quality management training in groups at the company, departmental, and local level before they begin working alone in order to prevent such misunderstandings.

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