Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Product Realization

Product Master Record (SOP 71-01) establishes a standard method for initiating and changing quality system documentation. A Product Master Record is the compilation of records containing the procedures and specifications for delivering a finished product or service.
Contract Review (SOP 72-01) establishes a standard method for performing contract review activities. A contract includes any written, verbal, or electronic order accepted by a company from a customer. Ensure that all people who take orders have immediate access to product catalogs, price lists, and shipping costs. Have a second person review the contract or order for clarity.

Ensure your company can meet the demand. If you cannot, inform the customer. Revise shipping dates as necessary. No specific form is provided for contract review. However, a company’s invoicing system must be documented and included as part of the contract review system. You must ensure that all changes to contracts, orders, etc.… are clearly documented and reviewed and approved.

Customer Complaints and Feedback (SOP 72-02) establishes a standard method for documenting customer complaint and conducting corrective and preventive actions. The key here is to ensure collection of all complaints. Very often, complaints are written on pieces of paper, desk calendars, and Post-Itä notes. And, lost under stacks of paper or end boxes. Use your Form 72-1, Customer Complaint Record to document complaints.

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