Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Internal Quality Audits

Internal Quality Audits

Internal Quality Audits (SOP 82-02) establishes a standard method for evaluating your quality assurance system. Quality audits must be performed by qualified yet independent personnel. Very often, persons qualified to do audits are not independent. Such as, a Production Manager audits Process Control activities. Instead, the Production Manager could inspect the Engineering Department.

Remember follow-up audits are always necessary, unless justified. Use Form 82-2, Internal Quality Audit Report and Form 82-3, ISO 9001 Audit Checklist to document internal audits.

Statistical Techniques (SOP 82-03) establishes a standard method for applying statistical techniques to achieve consistent quality. Various statistical techniques used for establishing, controlling, and verifying product / process capability, e.g., x bar charts, Cpk, and AQL levels are commonly used. Use your judgment on what is best for your company.

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