Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quality Metrics

Statements about organizational efficiency are incomplete without an assessment of quality. Six Sigma philosophy allows three defects in a million opportunities to err. In software parlance, three defects in a million lines of code is acceptable. Measurement of defects, and analyzing their origin are key to improvements in development process. PMPal, provides defect metrics in –Defects by origin – like coding, design, requirements etc. so that the specific software engineering areas can be improved upon.

Defect by category – PMPal comes with about seventy defect categories which can be maintained (add, modify or delete) by the client. This will facilitate defect analysis - such as ABC analysis - A (70% of defects due to 10% causes), B (20% of defects due to 20% causes), and C (10% of defects due to 70% causes) and effect targeted improvements in development processes to eliminate defects.

Severity of defects – PMPal gives three classes defects – Critical, Major and Minor – so that more effort can be dedicated to analyzing Critical defects and improvements can be brought about, Defect Metrics for employees – PMPal gives defect metrics for any selected employee – there by efforts can be focused on those employees who are injecting more defects.

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