Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Point VIII: & XI: Driving Out Fear & Breaking Down Barriers between Staff Areas

Fear is always present within individuals and in the company to which they are apart. Removing fear allows the free flow of ideas throughout the corporation. It will not vanish completely from any organization where decisions of a higher body revolve around employee advancement and pay, which is an important part of business.

It is possible to drive out this fear from individuals who are afraid to converse their real ideas to management and replace them with false impressions to secure their current position in good standing or precede further.
This is possible by replacing the fear in the most substantial form as insecurity with planning, analysis, and ultimately honesty without the possibility of loosing ones position or room for advancement. Doing away with a vast degree of fear between levels and within management itself allows the company to improve because exchanges of influential contributions in the corporation will be able to blossom.

The employees from each level of the corporation must work well with the other levels in order for the company to function at its best potential. This includes understanding the problems among the various branches of the business at each level. Only after a high level of awareness and commitment exists between them can change initially develop because cooperation requires this earnest fundamental transition.

When managers share information with employees, they recognize that a complication exists that inhibits employees from providing statements, presenting opinions or ideas, and asking questions in large group settings. Once realized, the managerial staff can prompt the specific brand of trust and interest needed by the certain group of individuals to promote an honest exchange of ideas between levels without these barriers of communication.

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