Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Productivity Metrics

Productivity may be roughly defined as the rate of working. In software realm, productivity is specified differently as –LOC per PD (Lines of Code per Person Day)
Person Hours per Function Point / Use Case Point, Number of Pages per Person Day – for requirements, design etc.

Number of Test Cases per person Day So on, Productivity metrics tell us the efficiency of working. It is one thing to deliver the and it is another to deliver profitably. Productivity helps us to benchmark our organization with comparable organizations and find out if there is room for improving the efficiency of the organization.

For example, we are achieving 50 LOC per PD and industry benchmark is 60, we realize that there is an opportunity of improvement for us to see that we achieve 60 LOC per PD.

PMPal provides productivity metrics for all attributes (Java, VB, Documents and so on) in a easy manner at the click of a mouse button so that you can benchmark your organization vis-à-vis others in your sphere.

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