Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ISO 9000 series standards

The ISO 9000 series is a set of five individual, but related, international standards on quality management and quality assurance. They are generic, not specific to any particular products. They can be used by manufacturing and service industries alike. These standards were developed to effectively document the quality system elements to be implemented in order to maintain an efficient quality system in your company.

The ISO 9000 Series standards do not themselves specify the technology to be used for implementing quality system elements. There are several benefits to implementing this series in your company

The ISO 14000 family, of which the first standards were published in September and October 1996, addresses various aspects of environmental management
The ISO (Internationale Organisation pour Standardization) was formed in 1947 and is based In Geneva, Switzerland.

The ISO consists of a worldwide group of government representatives that establish minimum requirements for manufacturing products and/or providing services. These requirements are collectively grouped into quality management system models.

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