Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Process Defini­tion

The process that a team uses to scope a single process by defining its policies, standards, procedures, deliverables, people or skill requirements, and tools is called Process Definition.

The core activity of Process Definition is defining the process; but other activities include performing walkthroughs of the process before publication, piloting the process, marketing the process, etc. Only the core activity is discussed within the scope of this guide.

The core team should contain 3-5 members (typically process owners). When multiple people or units exist for the same role, a representative group should be used with the others acting as reviewers.

Team members should include a process owner, supplier, customer, process administrator, manager of the process owner, and a process auditor. Roles such as team leader, facilitator, and scribe should be assigned and the team should be trained in consensus building.

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