Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A checksheet (also called a checklist or tally sheet) of events or occurrences is a form used to gather and record data in an organized manner. This tool records the number of occurrences over a specified interval of time to determine the frequency of an event.

The data is recorded to support or objectively validate the significance of the event. It may follow a Pareto analysis or cause-and-effect diagram to validate or verify a problem, or it may be used to build Pareto charts or histograms.

Check sheets can be used to record the following types of information:
· Project review results, such as defect occurrences, location, or type
· Documentation defects by type or frequency
· Cycle times, such as requirements to design or design to implementation
· Conformance to standards
· End user complaints of all types
· End user surveys
· Late deliveries

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