Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Quality Philosophies of Edward Deming

Point I: Creating Constancy of Purpose for Improvement of Product and Service :The main message that Deming is trying to express under this point features two key aspects. These are customer obsession and strategic planning.

These two ideals converged under this first point to establish the appropriate direction for businesses to focus their attention. They should concentrate more on pleasing the customers than defeating any of their competitors.

Competition will always be present if the business remains successful and manages to stay at the top of production, yet the only way such will be feasible is if they continue to maintain customer satisfaction. However, Deming also adds that businesses should aim to become competitive, stay in business, and provide jobs, but in order to do so, they should focus their main attention on what the customers want rather than what they assume is wanted.

In effect the corporation will become a leading competitor that does not need to worry about competition, so there is no need to do so while reaching such a standard.

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