Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A matrix is a structured, problem-solving technique used to show the relationship between groupings. It is also known as a matrix check sheet or a matrix diagram.

The matrix data analysis is frequently used to identify whether customer needs are being met, not being met, different, or no longer exist. For IT organizational teams, this approach could support the determination of system requirements, such as when teams need to understand and analyze customer preferences to drive out requirements or improvements on a product or service.

This tool helps view a problem as a whole for clarity, especially in conjunction with the JAD process.

For multidimensional problems, this approach focuses on the essential factors in problem areas. It helps teams sort language information for discussion and consensus, focus on what is important, and clarify the strength of the relationships. The matrix data analysis allows a team to test, evaluate, and develop strategies of multidimensional factors in solving problems.

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