Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Deployment Process

Initiating change is only effective when change is implemented through a process. This change process is called deployment. Deployment is the process of implementing a new or improved approach to completing a work task.
Deployment is normally only effective in an environment that uses processes. If there are no processes, there is no way of effectively implementing a change. In a software engineering environment, compliance to process is enforced, thus deployment is a critical component of making the software engineering environment work.

Dr. Curt Reimann, past director of the U.S. National Quality Award Program, stated that less than one percent of U.S. Corporations have an effective quality program. Most quality experts believe the cause of ineffective quality programs is attributable to poorly designed or nonexistent deployment efforts, coupled with the lack of measurement processes to assess the results of quality programs. Starting a quality management program forces management to rethink its quality responsibilities.

There are three deployment phases - assessment, strategic, and tactical. The assessment and strategic deployment phases represent the Planning component of the PDCA cycle. The tactical deployment phase represents the Do, Check and Act components of the PDCA cycle.

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