Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Point XIII & XIV: Encouraging education and Self-improvement & Taking Action to Accomplish the Transformation

Deming advises that businesses should promote the institution of vigorous programs of education and self-improvement for every employee at all levels . Employees who have a career within a certain corporation are more than likely to change positions due to newly created jobs or the decline of out-of-date ones rather than changing to gain an increase in pay.

This is the main reason why there will presumably always remain a need for educating employees. As employees advance in knowledge both within and outside the criteria of their jobs, they gain satisfaction in this opportunity, which adds increased self worth and dignity that in effect brings forth improvements in themselves and the company as well.

The final asset of Deming’s Fourteen Points is to put everyone in the company to work in effort to accomplish a successful transformation. It basically sets forth the motivation to implement the previous thirteen points with vital patience. He emphasizes that change takes time, but its long-term outcomes are worth the initial costs and wait. He summarizes these approaches by a revision of Shewhart’s Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle into his own quadrille cycle.

Once this cycle is set into motion by the leader, the only one who can start it, partnerships created from involvement form and the latter springs from the former generating a self-sustaining project for the future of the corporation.

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