Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Resource Management

Management needs to determine and provide the resources needed to implement and maintain the quality management. Management needs to continually improve its effectiveness and enhances customer satisfaction. Use SOP 54-01, Quality Planning and SOP 82-01, Customer Satisfaction to help.

The goal here is always hire competent personnel. Personnel competencies should be based on appropriate education, training, skills, and experience. Maintains records of education, training, skills, and experience of all staff. Manage your human resources per 61-01, Resource Management.

Also identify employee-training needs via Job Descriptions. Conduct training for all personnel per SOP 62-01, "Training" and periodically evaluate the training provided per SOP 62-01, "Training".

Because of the revolving company door with respect to employees, and inevitably employees will be on vacation or sick when training occurs, there will always be gaps in training.

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