Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Schedule Metrics & Change Metrics

Schedule metrics basically provide you with schedule variance for projects – scheduled completion, actual completion date and the number of days of variance.

It gives at one place, all the schedule completion dates – assists in ensuring that projects are on schedule. This used in conjunction with Project Progress, gets independent info to senior management to effectively intervene to ensure that all projects are delivered on time.
Change Metrics provide how stable the requirements are.

Function Point per Change help us in envisaging the impact of the change requests being placed on the organization.

ategory-wise changes facilitate our understanding of areas that need more focus. Especially when these metrics are used in conjunction with Effort Metrics – phase-wise effort spent, throws light on areas that may have been neglected.

For example, if we find that more change requests have been received in the change category of “Requirements Change” and we find that relatively lesser time is spent on Requirements phase, we know that we need to focus more on Requirements engineering

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