Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Point X: & XI Eliminating Slogans, Exhortations, and Targets for the Workforce & Eliminating Numerical Controls for the Workforce

Pointless signs hanging throughout the company in an attempt to promote corporate objectives is useless to employees and a waste of money to the business. Providing employees with company policies and purposes is essential but doing so in a tactful manner in memos and letters is less insulting and ignored than are the tacky posters dispersed throughout the organization in no particular order.
Presenting such necessary information in the latter manner only proves failure of the management to express company goals and objectives adequately and professionally, thus using signs to speak to employees rather than by personal confrontations.

Eliminating numerical quotas for the staff and numerical goals for the management increase quality because each employee is no longer based on the statistical average worker but on their own performance without comparative judgements making it easier for management to advance individuals who work to the highest potential. This in effect encourages the actual above-average half especially to work to their full potential at all times rather than merely work to meet the proposed numerical objective before halting their efforts or working slower than is necessary to prevent reaching the set number before the desired time.

Also setting numerical controls prevents all employees from producing further effort after the established standard has been met because they essentially relax after meeting the objective rather than attempting to go beyond the requirement as to not disrupt the controlled amount. From results such as these, it is difficult to base pay advances since all employees work with the same minimal potential to simply reach the standard rather than exceed it.

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