Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Run Chart

A run chart is a graph of data, in chronological order, that displays changes and trends in the central tendency (average). The data represents measures, counts, or percentages of outputs (products or services) from a process. Run charts are often used to monitor and quantify process outputs before a control chart is developed. Run charts can be used as input for establishing control charts.

Run charts can track events such as:
· Total failures
· Complaint levels
· End user satisfaction level
· Suggestion levels
· Training efforts
· Production yields
· Number of invoices
· Number of system errors
· Down time (minutes, percent)

The steps for developing a run chart are as follows:
Ø Decide which output of a process to measure
Ø Label the chart both vertically (quantity) and horizontally (time)
Ø Plot the individual measurements over time (once per time interval or as they become available), tracking the data chronologically in time
Ø Connect data points for easy use and interpretation
Ø Monitor the data points for any obvious trend

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