Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Management Review

Management Review (SOP 56-01) establishes a standard method for documenting management reviews of the quality system. Management should review all reports and trends related to the overall state of the quality system.

Such reports and trends include back orders, non-conforming finished product lot, customer complaints, and Internal Quality Audit trends. After reviewing these quality data, management must describe the steps to be taken to resolve these issues. Use Form 56-1, Management Review Record for documenting management reviews.

Define the responsibilities and authorities of staff at all levels per SOP 55-02 & SOP 55-03, Department Personnel and job descriptions where additional specific responsibilities and authorities are described.

Also define the interrelation of staff per SOP 55-01, Organizational Charts. Each department: Quality Assurance, Administration, Sales/Marketing, Operations, and Engineering are responsible for updating their department responsibilities, as the organizational structure changes.

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