Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quality Goals

Goals explain how the vision will be achieved. For example, if an organization’s vision is to produce defect-free software, a goal might be to have no more than one defect per thousand lines of code. Goals change as an organization moves closer to accomplishing the vision. Well-developed programs are necessary to achieve the goals.
Goals and objectives are often used interchangeably; however, goals tend to be more global and non quantitative. Objectives come from goals and tend to be more specific and quantitative.
· Are consistent with the vision
· Are established by operational management (manager of systems and programming, manager of computer operations, etc.)
· Must have management commitment
· Clearly identify the role each individual plays in accomplishing the goal
· Should be linked to programs established to accomplish the goals

Strategic quality management goals must focus on both the producer and the customer. Short-term goals should:
· Reduce defects
· Reduce cycle time (i.e., shorter schedule and less resources)
· Provide return on investment from short-term programs

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