Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quality Vision

Leaders provide a vision, which is a clear definition of the result to be achieved. Organizations without a vision flounder. The vision establishes where the organization desires to move from its current state. It gives everyone a direction to work towards. Senior management should establish the vision, ensuring how it contributes to the business is clear. A vision is simple and concise, and it should be understood and supported by all.
Examples of visions include:

· From the Quality Assurance Institute: “Our vision is to produce competent and successful quality assurance analysts.”
· From the Eastman Kodak Company: “We see ourselves now and in the future as a company with a strong customer franchise, known for reliability, trust, and integrity in all relationships. Our business will be based on technologies that have evolved over our long history, and which will give us unique advantages over our competition. These technologies will span our core businesses, and will also go beyond boundaries we can see today.”
· From the Ford Motor Company: “A worldwide leader in automotive and automotive-related prod­ucts and services as well as in newer indus­tries such as aerospace, communications, and financial services.”
· President Kennedy had a vision of putting a man on the moon before 1970.
· QA analysts should have a vision of improving quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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