Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Low Priority Testing

The UNIX utility sends emails for orphan alerts (delivery id with no match on the USER table) to CARs and product manager. This functionality will no longer be provided after this project as user setup won’t be by delivery id. The standard setup for an internal user should be done by User Admin group in Mumbia: View Hot List Record for ALL customer IDs View all alerts for all customer security IDs, and user Ids Remove the existing FF User Setup application from production when FF setup is added to the User Admin system. This should not be available to FF customers after User Admin is updated.

Need to streamline current setup of users of Fraud Finder browser application by moving to the enterprise User Admin system.
This will mean all FI Risk internal support and users will use one method of setting up users for nds applications.

Exclude the FF Delivery ID for the new user setup, for FF, in User Admin
Ensure that all roles defined within FF Admin User setup have comparable roles in the User Admin system.

NOTE: Should the customer admin inherit all permissions and privileges of the FF Admin? Traci said she thinks so, but needs to review all of the privileges and how they map to roles and type of user before she can say for sure. In any case, the features/functionality of Fraud Finder must remain the same.

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