Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Verification activities fall into the category of Static Testing. During static testing, you have a checklist to check whether the work , you are doing is going as per the set standards of the organization. These standards can be for Coding, Integrating and Deployment. Review's, Inspection's and Walkthrough's are static testing methodologies.

Static testing is a form of software testing where the software isn't actually used. This is in contrast to Dynamic testing. It is generally not detailed testing, but checks mainly for the sanity of the code, algorithm, or document. It is primarily syntax checking of the code or and manually reading of the code or document to find errors.

This type of testing can be used by the developer who wrote the code, in isolation. Code reviews, inspections and walkthroughs are also used.
From the black box testing point of view, static testing involves review of requirements or specifications. This is done with an eye toward completeness or appropriateness for the task at hand.

This is the verification portion of Verification and Validation.Bugs discovered at this stage of development are less expensive to fix than later in the development cycle.

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