Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Testing Priority Assessment

Allow the ability to set up any one user to access multiple customer Ids/security codes within the customer hierarchy. If a user is assigned to more than one customer id (either multiple parent Id's or customer/location/branch Id's), a customer selection screen must be displayed in order for the user to select which id they want to view the alerts for. This selection screen should include the customer id, customer name and location name and should be displayed in four places, main alert grid, selection criteria, reports and alarms screen.

Example: This would enable an East Coast branch person to generate alerts from east and west coasts and work on these during the day and then transfer to West Coast person to work on for another two hours after East Coast goes home.

The move from FF’s user setup to User Admin must be transparent to FF users. That is, customers should be able to use FF without interruption or intervention after the move
Customer support can now see all alerts associated with user IDs and Delivery IDs. This functionality will change and the CSRs will be able to view by User Ids, Delivery id and customer ids.

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