Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Defect Tracking Methods

The status "Enhancement" is assigned if the defect is an enhancement requirement.
If the status is determined to be "Open", the software manager (or other designated person) assigns the defect to the responsible person (developer) and sets the status to "Assigned".
Once the developer is working on the defect, the status can be set to "Work in Progress".

After the defect has been fixed, the developer documents the fix in the defect tracking tool and sets the status to .fixed,. if it was fixed, or "Duplicate", if the defect is a duplication (specifying the duplicated defect). The status can also be set to "As Designed", if the function executes correctly. At the same time, the developer reassigns the defect to the originator.

Once a new build is received with the implemented fix, the test engineer retests the fix and other possible affected code. If the defect has been corrected with the fix, the test engineer sets the status to "Close". If the defect has not been corrected with the fix, the test engineer sets the status to .Reopen.. Defect correction is the responsibility of system developers; defect detection is the responsibility of the AMSI test team.

The test leads will manage the testing process, but the defects will fall under the purview of the configuration management group. When a software defect is identified during testing of the application, the tester will notify system developers by entering the defect into the PVCS Tracker tool and filling out the applicable information

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