Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Defect Tracking

To track defects, a defect workflow process has been implemented. Defect workflow training will be conducted for all test engineers. The steps in the defect workflow process are as follows:
When a defect is generated initially, the status is set to "New". (Note: How to document the defect, what fields need to be filled in and so on, also need to be specified.

The Tester selects the type of defects:Bug,Cosmetic,Enhancement,
Omission .The tester then selects the priority of the defect: Critical - fatal error
High - require immediate attention, Medium - needs to be resolved as soon as possible but not a showstopper Low - cosmetic error

A designated person (in some companies, the software manager; in other companies, a special board) evaluates the defect and assigns a status and makes modifications of type of defect and/or priority if applicable).

The status "Open" is assigned if it is a valid defect.The status "Close" is assigned if it is a duplicate defect or user error. The reason for "closing" the defect needs to be documented. The status "Deferred" is assigned if the defect will be addressed in a later release.

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