Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Personal Software Process

The Personal Software Process helps individual engineers to improve their performance by bringing discipline to the way they develop software. Based on the practices found in the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), the PSP can be used by engineers as a guide to a disciplined and structured approach to developing software.

Because 70 percent of the cost of developing software is attributable to personnel costs, the skills, experience, and work habits of engineers largely determine the results of the software development process. This relationship of the engineer to the results of the development process is the premise on which PSP is based.

In most professions, competent work requires the disciplined use of established practices. It is not a matter of creativity versus discipline, but of bringing discipline to the work so that creativity can happen. The use of plans and procedures brings order and efficiency to any job and allows workers to concentrate of producing a superior product.

A disciplined effort removes waste, error, and inefficiency, freeing financial resources for better uses.Because software engineers are generally not taught planning, tracking or quality measurement, they usually don't track their work, and software quality is rarely measured.

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