Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Benefits of Using the PSP

Organizations employing engineers that use the PSP and TSP have higher quality products, costs and schedules that are on track, reduced cycle times, improved software processes, and increased productivity.

Higher quality : The PSP enables engineers to remove defects early, at the source. On average, engineers inject 58% fewer defects after PSP training than before. PSP and TSP technology can also enable organizations to establish numerical quality requirements for software-intensive products (e.g., defect density limits, percent defect free by phase, and component quality profiles).

On-Track costs and schedules : Cost and schedule problems often begin when engineers make commitments based on inaccurate size and resource estimates. The PSP teaches engineers to formulate more accurate size and resource estimates using statistical techniques and historical data. Engineers' schedule estimating errors before PSP training averaged 39.4%, and after training they averaged 10.4% ahead of schedule.

Reduced cycle times :Using the PSP, engineers learn to gather the process data needed to minimize cycle times. This data helps them to formulate accurate plans, eliminate rework, and reduce integration and system testing by as much as four to five times.

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