Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SDLC PHASES - Programming, Training, Evaluation and Acceptance

This phase results in programs that are ready for testing, evaluation, and installation. Programming is the process of implementing the detailed design specifications into code. Completed code will then undergo unit testing, as described in the revised V&V Plan in this phase, and integration and system testing in Phase V.

In addition to programming training manuals, users and maintenance manuals are prepared during the fourth phase, as is a preliminary installation plan that specifies the approach to, and details of, the installation of the SDLC.

In this phase, integration and system testing of the SDLC occurs. For validation purposes, the system should be executed on test data, and the SDLC field-tested in one or more representative operational sites.

Using actual functional transaction data, if designated a “sensitive” system, the system should be evaluated for the technical adequacy in meeting its security requirements by an appropriate authority, prior to accreditation and installation. Before certification, all V&V test results would be documented and a comparison of actual and expected results should be made.

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