Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SDLC PHASES - Installation and Operation

The purpose of this final life cycle phase is to: (a) implement the approved operation plan, including extension/installation at other sites; (b) continue approved operation; (c) budget adequately; and (d) control all changes and maintain/modify the SDLC during its remaining life.

Problem reporting, change requests, and other change control mechanisms are used to facilitate the systematic correction and evolution of the SDLC. In addition, periodic performance measurement and evaluation activities are performed to ensure that the system continues to meet its requirements in a cost-effective manner in the context of a changing system environment. These reviews may be conducted by either or both the quality assurance (QA) staff and the internal audit team.

The tester must recognize that organizational structures vary significantly from organization to organization. The functions described in this section are described as “job title related” functions so that organizations can look at them as specific job titles, if they have an equivalent job, or as functions that must be performed whether or not the specific job exists. The list is not meant to be all-inclusive nor does it preclude smaller departments or organizational units from combining participants or roles.

The rationale for describing the participants is to identify the role of each key participant. The tester will be asked to verify that the respective SDLC participants have each performed their appropriate role. A brief description of all the participants listed in the SDLC matrix follows. Note that these functions are divided into policy/oversight participants and the functional/operational participants, based on the level of the agency at which they operate.

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